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11th corroboree 2013


Carry Me Campers have been manufactured by Candy Canvas in rural South Australia since 1997.

The company is so proud of its product that in 2004 it decided to hold a “Carry Me Camper Corroboree”, to which all existing Carry Me Camper owners were invited. The gathering was such a success that it has become an annual event being held in various unique locations around Australia.

On July 12th this year 113 Carry Me Camper owners descended on Noorama Sportsground, 95kms South East of Cunnamulla, Qld. Most travelled with other Carry Me Camper owners they had met at previous “Corroborees” with people coming from as far as Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and Tasmania. A large number called into the Sheepyard Inn on the Grawin Opal Fields (the location of the 2005 “Corroboree”) on their way there.

Over the weekend funds are raised for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Ronald McDonald House, two organisations that do a lot for remote people.

The fact that Candy Canvas holds these events every year (with a total of over 1100 people attending over 11 years) is a testament to the pride and confidence they have in their product. The event is also used to gather feedback from customers to help with the future development of their product. The result of this is a quality Australian made camper that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern day traveller.

If you own a Carry Me Camper, be it bought new from Candy Canvas or a second hand unit, keep an eye on their website http://www.candycanvas.com.au for information about the 2014 Corroboree.

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