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Duo50 & Duo90 LED lights




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duo50 & duo90 led lights  
white & yellow led strip lights


    4x4Equip in Melbourne have introduced two new 12volt LED strip lights with a difference, to their range of products that will suit the camper trailer owner, setting a new standard in versatility from an LED light source.

    So what makes them different? Both yellow & white LED's are set into a durable acrylic 1cm wide outer tube. For general use the white LED's provide excellent light output. When the insect activity becomes unpleasant a quick flick of the switch provides a yellow LED light output. The yellow light is suitable for general duties and cooking and doesn't attract so many insects.

    The Duo LED lights come in two sizes. The Duo 50 is 50cm long with 10 white LED & 10 yellow LED lights, drawing only 110mA, while the Duo 90 is 90cm long with 20 White LED and 20 Yellow LED lights drawing 210mA. 

    The lights can be secured in place using the screws provided or with vecro or cable ties depending on your application. They are fitted with around 3 metres of cable and comes ready to wire directly into your preferred location, or you can attach a cigarette lighter or merit plug adaptor for even more versatility and portability.

    They are well priced at $39.95 for the Duo 50 & $49.95 for the Duo 90. More details can be found on the 4x4Equip website.





white & yellow LED's close up of the LED's


thanks to Ian from 4x4Equip for providing this information.

Writeup by Rob.



june 2009