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explorer ute back
from explorer campers & canvas


    Explorer Campers and Canvas have just released their new slide-on/ute-back unit. The guys have spent a long time tweaking their design and have come up with an extremely strong, light weight and practical design.

    The Explorer Ute Back Camper is all Australian made, manufactured from premium quality 3mm marine grade aluminium and first grade Australian canvas. Weighing in at just 300kg, the innovative and lightweight design allows for easy slide-on/slide-off from any dual cab and xtra cab well back utes on the market.

    Mounted in the well of your ute using stainless steel turn buckles, the camper is secured firmly, and putting your camper on and off your ute is not an arduous task. The bed base overhangs the roof of the ute to allow for a full size double bed, and the sleek and subtle design means the camper does not reduce fuel efficiency on long trips.

    The camper comes standard with a water tank, 12 volt package, steel roll out kitchen, fridge slide and legs to allow for easy on and off, as well as many other standard accessories. This means that the unit comes with all the creature comforts as standard so that you have minimal after-purchase hassle and outlay. The camper can slide off and free-stand on adjustable legs to allow for use of your vehicle easily and hassle free. A range of optional extras can be added such as zip on bedroom walls and floor, annex, rear kitchen awning and annex, and further 12 volt accessories.

    The Explorer Campers and Canvas workmanship is second to none and if the reviews of their trailers are anything to go by, you can feel confident their ute-backs will be of the highest quality and value for money. For further information, follow this link directly to the Ute-back page on the Explorer website: http://www.explorercampers.com.au/Ute-Backs.html




sleek design meaning uncompromised fuel efficiency  easy access to kitchen all set up


extensive kitchen awning

enclosed bedroom area

easy access to ute cab

thanks to Andrew Lynch from Explorer Campers & Canvas for providing this information


may 2010