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off road coupling

John Allsop has been designing & testing his Hitch Ezy off road trailer coupling for the last couple of years. Tests were performed by Melbourne Testing Services so the coupling is now ADR 62/02 compliant and rated to tow 5 tonnes behind vehicles weighing up to 4.5 tonnes. Articulation is 90 degrees up and down and 360 degrees rotation.

An automatic double locking mechanism makes the hooking up process a one finger job which also incorporates an “arthritis aid”. The unique “key” allows both hands to be free to operate the jockey wheel while uncoupling.

The symmetry of the rotating unlocking “lid” makes operation equally easy from any position. The coupling has no separate parts to be lost, pilfered or broken. The low height of 117mm permits 4WD rear door opening when the coupling is connected. A big plus is the locking mechanism that can be padlocked and the vehicle driven with the padlock in place.

While urethane bushes in the main shaft provide rattle free operation, the O-ring seals make short work of dust and water. Grease nipple positions avoid personal injury, grease on clothing and damage from flying stones.

The Hitch-Ezy can be released under any loading. Naturally great care has to be exercised when there is no option but to disconnect while the coupling is under load.

Compatible with level-ride torsion bar systems, adapters are available to ensure a full range of articulation remains possible when coupling to a level-ride towing tongue that has “wings”. NB. level-ride torsion bars can cause vehicle and/or trailer damage if used in off-road conditions. Take them off before tackling significant contour changes.

The Hitch-Ezy is priced at $795. More information can be seen at http://www.hitch-ezy.com.au/



Information from John Allsop

article by Rob


May 2011