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    The Kit Camper is an economical, self-contained camper that slides onto a standard 7’ x 4.5’ box trailer. It is designed by yacht designers using the latest technology composite yacht materials. The kit comes pre-cut using lightweight but strong polypropylene honeycomb and epoxy/glass panels with all parts accurately computer cut to size. A full set of building instructions is included.

Some advantages are:
• Economical - By building it yourself you are savings tens of thousands of dollars.
• Satisfying – Imagine the satisfaction in saying you built it yourself. You will end up with a camper of far higher quality than many other campers that are available.
• Slides onto a Box Trailer – You can leave it free standing when not in use freeing up your trailer for other work during the year. Only one registration and no inspections.
• 2WD or 4WD – Your choice, just choose what sort of trailer to put it on.
• Strong and Light – We also design ocean going multihulls so we know how to build light and strong using the latest technology and materials.
• Long Lasting - Your camper will outlast virtually all commercially available products meaning excellent resale value. The Kit Camper uses monocoque construction so every panel, including the furniture, adds to its strength; so this camper has virtually no chance of rattling to pieces no matter how harshly it is treated.
• Easy to Erect – Simple, fast one person set up. After a long drive who wants to spend over an hour setting up a tent camper? Convenient for single night stops.
• Off The Ground – You are always high up off the ground away from moisture, creepy crawlies and crocodiles.
• Large Galley – an ‘L’ shaped galley with stove/oven, fridge/freezer, with storage in proper drawers and cupboards.
• Comfortable – A luxurious king size bed and dinette provides comfort out of the elements.
• Easy to Tow – Light and aerodynamic means ease of towing and economical. You don’t need a 4WD if only ‘on-roading’.
• Self Contained – Water tanks, batteries and gas bottle compartments and storage all built in. Front and side storage boxes can also be built onto the trailer.
• Expandable – Add an extra room by annexing the area under the bed. Or add an awning, or a side annexe. Put a rack on the top to carry a small boat or extras, there are many possibilities for increasing your enjoyment.
• Water and Dust Proofing – If built correctly with correct seals etc, the hinged lid and door is designed for a very tight seal which will give peace of mind when it comes to keeping out rain and dust.

    The PDF gives you an idea of the dimensions kit camper pdf

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  Information by Michael van Dijk of Pacific Multihulls P/L

august 2009