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12volt led lights

The MOD-Lite1 & 2 are bright, versatile LED lights designed for long life. The MOD-Lite1 is 362mm long & has 60 LED's while the  MOD-Lite2 is 655mm long & has 120 LED's. These lights are brighter than fluorescents, last years & are ruggedly built to handle adverse conditions.

    Mod-Lites are water, dust & vibration resistant. Their low current draw of only 250mA for the MOD-Lite1 & 500mA for the MOD-Lite2 ensure many hours of light each evening without flattening your vehicle or auxilary batteries. These multi-voltage units will run efficiently on 6V, 12V, 24V & 32V.

    Mod-Lites are especially suited for the use in camper trailers, caravans, mining vehicles, 4wd's, emergency vehicles, work vans, boats, trucks & agricultural machinery.

    The MOD-Lite1 is priced at $145 while the MOD-Lite2 is $269. More details can be found on the 4x4Equip website.




MOD-Lite1 MOD-Lite2


thanks to Ian from 4x4Equip for providing this information.



august 2009