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ORO TPMS 4 wheel kit - W410-A

It is a good idea when towing to keep an eye on both your vehicles tyre pressures as well as the camper trailer. In extreme circumstances a slow leak is hard to detect, especially over corrugated road which more than likely will result in a disintegrated tyre. Spotting a leak early will no doubt save a tyre. 

ORO TPMS market a wireless tyre pressure & temperature monitoring systems for four, six or eight tyres. The TowSafer 6 wheel kit would no doubt be best suited for those towing a camper trailer. 

The ORO TPMS transmitter module is inserted inside the wheel at the base of the valve stem with an option of a rubber or stainless steel stem. A 3volt lithium battery is used to transmit the signal which has a life of five to seven years.

The c
olour LED display monitor is placed within the drivers view & is connected to the vehicles 12volt battery system. It features a screen with auto-adjusting brightness to minimised glare. The display can be set up to show pressure in psi or bar & the temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit. Other features include an alternate display of all tyre pressures & tyre temperatures, audible & visual warning when tyre pressure & temperature exceeds the set parameter, high pressure/ low pressure/ high temperature reminder, instant detection of a puncture & a low vehicle battery/ low sensor battery reminder.

There is a two year warranty & free shipment within Australia. For more details please check the OROTPMS website for pricing & accessories at https://www.orotpms.com.au

W410-A four tyre monitor TowSafer six tyre monitor
TowSafer eight tyre monitor rubber valve stem stainless steel valve stem

article by Rob

june 2018



As the Public Relations Officer for the Queensland Nissan Patrol Club, I am always on the lookout for worthy products which will be of practical use to members or interesting guest speakers.

I asked Curtis & Emily of ORO TPMS  to present a talk at one of our meetings on their tyre pressure & temperature monitoring system they market. They made us aware to the dangers of driving with poorly inflated tyres & carrying our families in unsafe conditions as a result. While I have known about these tyre pressure sensors in the past, I have finally come to realise the safety value of fitting them. Curtis & Emily returned to another meeting for a question & answer session.

I bought one kit & have been using the sensors daily. It is interesting to view the tyre pressures & temperatures in the comfort of the drivers seat & also the ability to see at a glance the constant charging rate of the battery. It has been many years since ammeters were fitted in most cars, more the pity.

I would imagine many people towing a camper trailer will already have a tyre pressure monitor built into their late model vehicles, however for those who do not like me, it is good to know what the tyres are doing.

After using the ORO TPMS tyre monitor for some time, I am perfectly happy with the results so far. I have no personal interests with this firm & am giving my unbiased opinion about a product I have both purchased & am happy with.

 Andy Dale

monitor mounted rubber valve stem & tyre module