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improve ride & handling

 Protect-A-Hitch with Cruise Master DO35 coupling

Rex Gretton could see the need for a type of tow hitch that reduced the impact between the trailer & the tow vehicle, particularly when transporting his restored Chamberlain tractor & towing the camper trailer to old machinery events.

A prototype Protect-A-Hitch was designed & built. After the first use the improved ride & handling was immediately felt. There were no more bumps, pushing or shoving from the trailer. From there Rex went on to design a bolt on model suitable as a replacement to where a tow hitch normally attaches.

 The Protect-A-Hitch is built for Australian conditions using Australian steel & certified by mechanical engineers to Australian Standards for 1.5 tonnes mass. Rex is waiting on certification of a 3 or 3.5 tonne model.

More details can be viewed on the Protect-A-Hitch website


thanks to Rex Gretton for the info

write up Rob

july 2020