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electric brake controller

Redarc has released a world first with the introduction of the Tow-Pro electric brake controller which has both inertia and delay brake controller operations built into the one unit.

In automatic mode the controller is in inertia sensing mode, also known as pendulum style, and is best suited to road and highway conditions. The Tow-Pro brake controller is enabled by the vehicles brake pedal switch while a pendulum circuit senses the vehicles stopping motion and applies a proportional voltage to the trailers brakes. This allows the trailer to decelerate at the same speed as the tow vehicle.

The user controlled operation of the Tow-Pro is solid state activated, also known as time delay, and allows the driver to set the level at which the trailer brakes are applied at a pre-determined braking rate. This can be a big advantage in some road and terrain conditions or off-road situations.

Moving between the automatic and user controlled trailer braking modes is a simple procedure by applying the vehicles brakes & double clicking the knob. Emergency trailer braking is applied by pressing the remotes dial.

The controllers compact 100x80x30mm body can be mounted in any position under the dash with the remote dial placed in the dash within the drivers reach. 

The Tow-Pro is able to operate 12volt or 24volt electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes.

For more details please visit the Redarc website http://www.redarc.com.au


article by Rob



june 2014