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The name Redarc is synonymous within the camping and recreational vehicle market for the high quality electronic products they manufacture such as battery isolators, battery chargers, invertors, electric brake controllers and turbo timers. However, they also manufacture a large range of electronic products for the automotive, communications, mining and industrial electronics markets, both here and overseas. Redarc export to France, as well as the Canadian Police.

The recent state of the art, architecturally designed $5 million upgrade of their premises at Lonsdale in South Australia, sees Redarc step into the twenty-first century as an industry leader. The 3600 square metre building has the capability to easily expand to keep pace with market demands.

Redarc has been manufacturing electronic products for thirty-five years and now has eighty fulltime employees. All staff keep up with changing technology attending ongoing training, including the managing director Anthony Kittle.

Most products start life with the circuit boards being manufactured by an automated process within an atmospherically controlled room. Quality components are sourced worldwide.

From there the circuit boards go to the technicianís workspace for assembly with other components as part of the manufacturing processes. This area features an electro-static discharged floor as well as temperature control to maintain a high quality environment, not only for the product, but also for the technicians to work in.

Redarc is committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction through zero defects. All products receive numerous testing during their manufacture, not randomly at the end of production. Such is the high standard of quality control that only one technician is required for warranty repair.

Research and development is a key factor in keeping up with market demands, such as the recent trend in DC-DC charging of remotely located camper trailer and caravan batteries. This advancement in battery charging is proving popular, especially with the added feature of solar input using MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking.

Customer support is on hand at any time. Redarc has an online and phone-in technical help centre including those who like to install the products themselves. Expert help is just a phone call away.

Redarcís website is a major source of product information. As well as providing installation sheets on each product, there is a handy hits page with how to articles, tech tips, wiring guides, facts and on-line calculators.

Thanks to Melanie Sorensen and Michael Hammer for the Redarc facility tour.







assembly room technicians at work product imbedded in silicon






dual battery isolators

test bench

dispatch room near completion




lunchroom mural -  photo thanks to Simon Gedge


article by Rob



june 2012