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collyn rivers
the camper trailer book
second edition


The long awaited second edition of Collyn Rivers 'The Camper Trailer Book' has just been released. Advancements in battery charging technology in the past couple of years, particularly that of DC to DC chargers, saw the first edition which was published in March 2006 out of date. This book has been totally re-written with only a few pages surviving & revised from the previous version. There are an additional twenty pages added.

Collyn uses everyday terms so you can easily understand & follow the theory behind different battery types & their charging sourced from 240volt, 12volt & solar. He goes on the to explain wiring sizes, voltage drop over distance & how to select the individual components in setting up your own 12volt system. Other 12volt subjects include battery monitoring, generators, inverters, fuel cells, fridges, water pumps, hot water, internal heating, lighting & solar. Also covered is the purpose & suitability of camper trailers, the chassis, suspension, trailer hitches, brakes, wheels, tyres & a look at tow vehicles.

Furthermore there is information on preparing for a trip, what you may need to take & what it weighs, why things work loose, communications, safety, vehicle recovery, legal issues, tools & spares plus a section on the terms used throughout the book.

If you are looking for concise information on all aspects of camper trailers, their use & 12volt system setups, you will find it here all in the one book for easy reference.

More information can be found on Collyn Rivers' Caravan & Motorhome Book website at  http://www.caravanandmotorhomebooks.com/books/camper_trailer.htm


article by Rob



december 2012