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Towing a camper trailer is not just a simple process of hooking up and taking off for your favourite camping spot. As a duty of care to other road users there are a number of rules and guideline limits you need to be aware of, otherwise you could be breaking the law, voiding your vehicle warranty or insurance in the event of an accident.

A vehicle and camper trailer must compliment each others maximum capacities making for a safe combination in all situations. If the ball weight is too heavy, the tow vehicle's rear suspension will be forced down affecting braking and also the vehicle’s steering when it is most needed like during an emergency situation. This especially applies to lighter vehicles and soft roader 4wd’s which have lighter tow capacities.

The 10 to 15% rule of thumb ball weight of a fully loader trailer gives a safety net and some room for error particularly when it comes to a camper trailer with weight shifting quantities that can vary greatly either forward or to the rear of the axle as jerry’s of fuel and water are used, the water tank emptied, firewood unloaded or food consumed.

Ball weight can be affected by a number of factors which can quickly overload the front of your camper. The A frame can be used to store an outboard motor, toolbox with tools and other heavy gear, a spare tyre, gas bottles, fuel or water jerry’s and a fridge packed with food. Attention to the 'balance' of the camper needs to be maintained keeping the ball weight within the limits and the calculated strength of the drawbar.

It is a good idea for a camper trailer owner to weigh his fully loaded camper at least once on a weighbridge so he knows what the camper and ball weight is. This will help with future packing of the camper. Check the yellow pages under public weighbridge. For the few dollars you will have piece of mind.

The Towsafe Ball Weight Scale is very handy at home when measuring the ball weight. It has a range from 100kg up to 350kg in easy to read 10kg increments. The Towsafe is of a metal construction, manufactured using high quality materials & tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 10012:2004. The Scale also have a soft head to protect a ball coupling.

It is available from Repco & other selected auto accessory stores with a RRP of $85.95. For more information check the website at www.misterhitches.com.au 


A couple of accessories are now available.  The first is an adaptor for camper trailers & caravans which no not use a ball coupling. The adaptor fits under the “A” frame & has a protective rubber insert to protect the ball weight scale head.

Also available is a storage bag made from 70D material with a draw string closure

adaptor in place A frame adaptor storage bag


thanks to Steve Nicholson of intertradeholdings for the info

written by Rob



november 2013
update january 14