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trafalgar first aid kits 

    If you are a mad keen off road camper, then you would now that a good, fully equipped first aid kit with all the essential items is very important to have on board for any emergency’s that may happen when off the beaten track.

    These quality Trafalgar first aid kits are just that fully equipped with everything you need in an emergency and also they have a kit to suit your requirements whether you are a hiker, 4WD Adventurer, remote area, adventure backpack or a high risk survival kit. They have made these kits with items that they think you will require depending on what sort of camping you will be doing.

    These first aid kits are made from a tough fabric construction which is great for the ruggedness of the outback. The 4WD Adventure kit and the High Risk kit have reflective markings on them which make them visible to see in the dark in night time instances.

    Whether it’s a snake bite, sprain or a cut you will find what you need within these first aid kits. They are a great investment to insure the safety of your family.

    Dynamic Solar Solutions now have the new Trafalgar First Aid kits in Stock. A check list of each kits contents can be found on their website.

  thanks to Julie from DSS for providing this information.





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