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Jack & Linda's Trayon slide-on camper




Trayon Seeker 1830

slide-on camper

 from Jack Adams



    We have had our Trayon for about 18 months now and we really do love it. We purchased it from a couple from Central Queensland as they were getting to old to climb into the bunk with their bad backs. They purchased a Mercedes mobile home. Prior to the purchase I had spent about $8000 upgrading the Hilux which was new. I had planned for a long time to purchase a Trayon so I had the planning for the Hilux well in hand. Not long after I purchased the Hilux I went to ARB and had the complete suspension upgraded with medium springs all round and Air Bags on the rear. The upgrade also included a 50mm (2inch) lift. In addition I had a second battery installed in the Hilux with Anderson plugs.  Other installations included a Glind shower heat exchanger, Rhino Roof rack and Michelle Sacks Bag and fold up shower tent.

   The Trayon fitted perfectly onto the 2300 X 1830 aluminium tray and is secured by four threaded bolts with a curved attachment to secure it to the tray at each corner. If I have one concern it is this method of securing the Trayon to the tray. I feel that in the event of a serious rollover or crash I believe that the Trayon would tear away from the tray. If I had had a choice I would have gone for a steel tray which would give a stronger base for attachment. The other part of the fitting would be different bolts or some other form of securing/tiedown. The unit stands on four legs which are the manual wind down type. It takes about 30 minutes to remove from the tray and have it secured on the legs. I have four stainless wire cables which attach to each corner and I secure these with large tent pegs underneath the centre of the Trayon. I could have these cables extend outwards from each corner instead of underneath but then you would probably trip over the cables in the night or when a little tipsy. The unit is very stable when secured this way and you could comfortably live like this for a long time, freeing up your vehicle for day trips or what ever. We lived like this in various caravan parks and free camping for up to three weeks at a time. The legs are stored in a box which is part of the storage under one of the bench seats and is accessible from outside. This storage is very generous and I store tools, ropes second stove and any other junk that I feel is necessary. There is also another storage box at the front which contains the gas bottle, safety valves and also the isolating switch for the water pump. Above this is the lockable water filler for the 80 litre tank. Also there is an external water hose for ease of access when outside.

    Our model was built in 2003 and the steps are made from aluminium and when closed are completely hidden inside. Later models have fibreglass moulded steps and are visible when the door is closed. Inside the Trayon as you climb the steps you find the fridge (3way Dometic) and stove on top of the fridge. I modified the 12volt wiring to the fridge to bypass fuses and joins in the cable. I ran a direct cable from the second battery to the fridge with one Anderson plug and included a 50amp safety fuse. The fridge now works much better on 12volt when travelling. The stove in our model is not removable as is in later series but it works great and have cooked many a good meal. I also have a second camping stove and small gas bottle that sits on a removable table that attaches to the tie down rail of the tray which we use to cook meat, bacon etc to keep cooking smells out of the Trayon.

    Next to the stove is a work bench which has three drawers underneath with lockable doors. In the corner is a stainless bowl under which there is more storage and the water pump for the pressurised tap over the sink. Under the sink are two more storage drawers with lockable doors as well as the 80 litre water tank. Next to the sink is the caravan style dining table and seats. Under the seats there is more storage which also includes storage for the porta-loo and a second battery if required. The storage over all is quite adequate even for extended stays away and we put blankets, pillows etc in. In fact we lived in the Trayon for 4 months.

    When opened the roof becomes a very comfortable double bed which is high density foam and underneath we have breathable matting which removes the chance of moisture damaging the mattress and stopping mould etc. This is a necessity in colder climates when condensation really dampens the underneath of the mattress. There is enough room to leave sheets and a blanket or two on the bed when moving and closing the roof. This saves time not having to make up the bed at the next camp. The mattress is secured by three straps.

    The roof is easy to open and the hardest part is the initial lift which is made easier by using my shoulder to push up. Once you get past the centre balance the roof opens and you can control the downwards motion by holding onto the purpose built strap that is attached to the centre roof support. Closing is just as easy and the instructions supplied are easy to understand. It takes no more than 10 minutes to setup. The roof and walls are made of high quality canvas and the two long side walls each have two large zippered windows with fly screens. The reason we purchased the Trayon was the totally enclosed internal living area, which makes cooking, eating and relaxing completely fly free. This was our main criteria as was weight and ease of moving and removing from tray. The unit has 240 light as well as internal and external 12volt lighting. I have also installed a removable 12 volt LED strip which attaches to the front roof support over the sink to give more light when cooking cleaning and eating at the table.

    The unit does not have radio or TV but I use an iPod for music and I have a laptop and use Avermedia PCMCIA TV adapter card which provides digital TV. We use HP GPS and I have Natmap on laptop with USB GPS for bush tracks etc.

    On my wish list are electrically operated leg jacks, reversing camera and solar panels.

    Overall the Trayon is a fantastic unit. Its main features are weight (450kgs) , ease of putting up and removing from truck. As I have stated earlier we travelled and lived in the Trayon for 4 to 6 months and fully loaded with food, water, clothes, tools and two passengers and a dog as well as 145ltrs of fuel our gross weight over weigh bridge was 2.88 tons. I could report on the Hilux but I will email those interested if you send me an email.   

    Our only criticism is the height of the entrance door. Overall this unit is great for two people and with the addition of an annex (which we have) you could have 2 kids on camping beds. The Trayon is designed for two people only and the design uses all of the space of the tray. We have an Extra cab Hilux but with a single cab you would have the capacity to build a storage box on the tray between the cab and the Trayon. Later units have changed and have features such as removable stove and external gas point, hot water/shower at rear. You need to check with the manufacturer. My unit is valued at $21500 which includes full annex and I believe this is great value for money. You have low weight, low height, and you do not have to tow which gives you great opportunities to get into those hard to access places or to go camping on the beach at Noosa North Shore or travel the deserts and outback. The Trayon is great and we use it at least once a month for a weekend beside the river at Batemans Bay or wherever.

                   We love it.


February 2008