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You cannot see inside the water tank of your camper trailer or a jerry for that matter, holding what you think is your safe drinking water. It wasn't until I lifted the lid off our Safari Can & saw what we were really drinking, I began to wonder why we had not been crook before this. Lining the inside walls was a film of slim. The jerry had been filled with chlorinated tap water from home & not used during a weeks trip, sitting in the rack on the camper trailer for two weeks after in the shed out of the sun.

It just so happened that Colin Hopgood owner of BEST Water Filters had been invited as a guest speaker during the CamperTrailers Group's 2012 Wellington national meet. Colin brought home the importance of having clean drinking water & how easy it was to achieve.

BEST Water Filters stands for Bacteria Eliminating Silver Treatment & uses SilverSafe technology, that is silver coated crystals at each end of the inline filter & carbon/charcoal in the middle to produce safe drinking water filtered to one micron. This process eliminates chlorine, chemicals, odour, sediment & bacteria such as giardia & cryptosporidium from town, tank, creek or bore water.

So why would you want to remove chlorine from the water going into your tank? After about a week the chlorine will gas off & you usually end up with a funny taste in the water. The local water you filled up with usually gets the blame. On top of this the heat reflecting off the road could be enough to encourage the rapid growth of bacteria to a level that your body isnít happy with. Putting clean reliable potable water in your tank first up is a good start.

The BEST Water Filter is useable for 5000 litres plus. This is based on the filter being fixed inline & removing chlorine at the maximum allowable level, however the full level of chlorine rarely happens. Sometimes there isn't any in the town water supply & none if you are filling from a rain water tank or stream.

If you put the 5000 litres into perspective, a person drinking two litres of water per day travelling on the road full time, works out at 730 litres per year. A major feature of the filter is it can be back flushed. You simply turn the filter around, flush & reconnect in the opposite direction. Regular back flushing prevents dirt compounding one end & extends the life of the filter. Also an advantage when travelling is the loosely packed carbon is shuffled around exposing a fresh surface of carbon for contaminants to become attracted to.

connection options

filling your tank A camper trailer water tank is mostly used for drinking water. You simply connect the BEST Water Filter inline when filling the tank so you know the water is safe for drinking. Often jerry's are used for other water uses such as washing up, showering or clothes washing.

built in If you have two water tanks &/or a number of jerry's, you could place the BEST Water Filter inline to an outlet via a 12volt pump. This gives you the option to use any tank & prolong the filters life as it is filtering drinking water only & not all the water when filling a couple of tanks if you are remote camping for a period of time.

A hand or foot operated water pump does not have enough force to push water through the one micron filter. A 12volt pump is needed to produce approx 35psi.

recirculated Another option is to recirculate the water from your tank via a 12volt pump. 

direct connection At a caravan park you can connect the filter inline directly to the towns water supply.

fill your tank with 322h built in with 322t
recirculation with 322h direct connection with 322h

end connections

There are a number of end connection options to suit your own situation.

322h Supplied with standard hose connections

322hb Supplied with brass hose connections

322hl Supplied with Hoselink hose connections

322t half inch threaded ends & mounting clips

322H 322HB 322HL 322T


After using the BEST Water Filter to fill our 60 litre water tank & three jerry's over the last six months we are very happy knowing the water is safe to drink wherever we happen to fill it.

For more details please check the BEST Water Filter website at


article by Rob



may 2013