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There are a few iPhone, Android & iPad apps around that are very handy when camping. I recently came across one that I thought would be very helpful when setting up camp, especially for the 21st century camper trailer owner.

Don't you hate it when you get into camp & you have no clue where north is or in particular where the sun rises & sets, so you can't make the best possible choice for a little afternoon shade in summer or perhaps where to set up your solar panel to maximise the sun hours.

Neil Harper is a software developer from Wollongong & also a keen camper trailer owner with a Pioneer Prospector towed by a Toyota FJ Cruiser. He has solved a problem he had in working out which direction to camp & also to level the camper at the same time with the development of a phone app he named CampAspect.

CampAspect is a tool to help you in choosing the right aspect of your campsite. It shows you where the sun rises and sets relative to a compass bearing of your location, so that you can orient your awning or living area to the conditions.

It also incorporates a bubble level. Once you have parked the camper in the direction that best suit your needs, just change over to the level tool & place it on the draw bar.

CampAspect also allows you to post the details of your camp on facebook & can be set up to keep you informed of local weather information.

More details can be found on the CampAspect website at http://campaspect.com

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info by Rob


april 2013