Camper Trailers Tech Tips

DIY camper leveller





This is my homemade gizmo for levelling a camper trailer if the ground is uneven by simply placing the campers wheels up on it.

Three pieces of 120 x 300 x 30 mm bits of wood I had laying around were used & joined with butt hinges. The ramp is a bit of tread plate I also had laying around.

You just vary the folds to get the height you need to level the camper. This gives me a total lift of 90mm.

The defender tyres were not very wide so 120mm was ok, however with the Tvan I tend to use the two together side by side. I would say about 180mm was a good width for cruiser type wheels.

If I was making one again I would make the checker plate ramp the same length as the wood, but this is what I had at the time.

You could always add extra layers if you want to go higher but I think 90-100mm is fine.

I used to carry just bits of wood but this idea stops the wood slipping as you drive onto it particularly if you need to raise the wheel by three layers.

Thanks to Mike Sargeant for sharing this idea with us


January 2014