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 Greenup Meeting Place weekend

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Greenup Meeting Place weekend

Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th April, 2024

An Australian CamperTrailers Group members weekend get together was held at
Greenup Meeting Place near Inglewood SE Qld on the weekend of 13th & 14th April 2024 hosted by Rick & Carol.

Attendees arrived from Thursday 11th April and set up on a spacious open area beside Bracker Creek, a tributary to Coolmundra Dam. Around 60mm of rain had fallen the previous week so everything was very green. The weather was very pleasant and the night gatherings around the fire were more for ambience than warmth.

The meet morning tea was held on Friday due to some members having to attend the Saturday Yoga and Wire Workshop held at the Greenup Meeting Place facilities. An outcome from this was Robyn Edwardís and Carolís wire birds in a nest which were very interesting, as were their sore bodies from the yoga/walk.

The daily visits by the local cattle were entertaining more so because they took such a great interest in Mikeís solar panels and did not want to move on (this seemed to happen with people at his awning late in the day also for some reason). One lone emu was also spotted several times over the weekend which was a little unusual for this area. There was a few mass gatherings of birds chasing bait balls in the creek and also two red belly black snakes swimming across the creek towards camp on separate days.
The fishing was slow, but Kaleb kept busy catching shrimp and fishing (with a little help). Tally for the weekend was 2 x eel tailed catfish, 3 x turtles and 1 x cormorant (all released successfully).

Some attendees did day trips around the local area, but some more adventurous ones (Collette +Ian) attended some open houses in Toowoomba searching for a new abode. The Jenkinsons finally made it late Sunday, but thatís another long story.

Overall a very pleasant weekend enjoying each others company and location with some members staying longer and continuing their travels.



Carol + Rick Harper (Hosts)
Robyn + Mike Edwards
Penny + John Heath
Karyn + Peit Sluyter (+Kaleb)
Diane + Ian Buchan
Collette + Ian Garnham
Lisa + Greg Miller (Amy + Matt +Maggie + Henly)
Robyn + Lindsay Jenkinson







photos  Rick & Carol