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hosting a members weekend
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So what is involved in hosting a weekend get together in the name of the Australian CamperTrailers Group?

Hosting a meet can be a very rewarding experience to say the least, meeting like minded people with a similar outlook in a relaxed atmosphere around the campfire. There is nothing in hosting a weekend camp. All you have to do is nominate a camping area that you feel will be suitable to all concerned.

There are no hard & fast guidelines set out as such in hosting a members weekend meet. A few thoughts regarding a venue might include all weather access to allow 2wds & caravan owners to attend, a dog friendly camping area. There may be times where a weekend get together could be held that may have special conditions & would not suit everyone attending. This could include a meet in a national park or camping area where there are no fires or dogs permitted, the access road is recommended for 4wd or 2wds with high clearance, no showers or drinking water, no bins so you will need to take your rubbish home with you or perhaps no toilet facilities & you will need to bring your own portable toilet along. Members will be told of these circumstances before accepting the invitation via the information page on the upcoming events page & placing their name on the poll. As a whole this is left open to whoever is hosting the meet.

You can organize activities for the weekend if you wish, like a bushwalk or a drive to see local attractions you know of. It's up to you. From past meets most enjoy just sitting round the camp chatting with others having a relaxing weekend. You may like to take a few photos & write a report for the past events page on the campertrailers.org website or organize someone who can http://www.campertrailers.org/past_events.htm

Australian CamperTrailers Group members weekend get togethers are a great way to meet others who have the same interests. We have formed some lasting friendships this way. I have often stated that you may meet as strangers on Friday, but leave as old friends on the Sunday, such is the camaraderie. Those of you who have attended the group weekends know what I am talking about. These weekends also give those members who do not own a camper a chance to come along & get a close look at a variety of camper trailers in the wild with a personal unbiased opinion from the owners.

An ice breaker e-mail is sent out two weeks before the meet so the host knows who is coming & their expected arrival time which will help in planning any activities.

Please keep in mind that the groups co-owners will not accept any responsibility for members & non-members actions during the weekend get together. If you decide to attend, it is solely at your own responsibility, including any side trips or outings during the weekend meet.

Details of all weekends that have been arranged can be seen on the upcoming events page of the campertrailers.org website http://www.campertrailers.org/upcoming_events.htm 

If you are interested in hosting a weekend meet please drop us an e-mail to discuss location & dates. All weekend get togethers must have prior approval by the groups co-owners.

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