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Maritz Bend weekend meet



maritz bend bush camp

held over the Labour Day long weekend 7th to 9th of March 2009


Location: The Maritz Bend campsite is located approximately 160 Km north of Melbourne and 25 km south of Shepparton in the Toolamba State Forrest also known as the Cemetery Bend Reserve.

 Weather: From the first arrival on Thursday, the weather was perfect - very warm and sunny with an occasional light breeze until the last campers departed on Tuesday.

    With each day topping out at around 30 degrees the river was a pleasant reprieve, for swimming, paddling, playing or just sitting beside with a cool drink.

Wildlife: The ubiquitous Sulphur Crested Cockatoos made their presence known at dawn and dusk. The odd Koala was noticeable to the discerning explorer along with the odd sheep. Much to everyone's surprise a baby Murray Cod was hooked in the river, kissed and returned.

Activities: The popular happy hour materialized each afternoon around the beach side fire and progressed into some delicious smelling dinners, with roasts of lamb, pork and  chicken along with BBQ's of lamb, steak, sausages with all the usual trimmings at various times.

    The post dinner activities included a useless gadget competition which was won by Lindsay and Sandy for their “corkscrew dog restraint”. Apparently a new born puppy attached to a lead would pull it out of the ground. An honorable mention was awarded to Mike and Shez for their hi-tech multi frequency bug repellent device. It certainly won the least cost effective gadget category. A mozzie bit Mike while he was exhibiting it.

    The after dinner activities on each night included port tasting, conducted by Dale, chair stabilization demonstrations by Dr Dave, snoring while awake demonstrations from Paul Mac and Pedders, interrupted by common sense from Paul S who was summarily excluded from the Mens club for 24 hours.

Activities: Walkabout was held on Sunday morning with a lot of interest shown by both our new members, and old at the various setups, innovations. Emily did a sterling job in the absence of Dale and Karen. Well done Jez! Dad's beer supply would of course be hidden in the fridge...who would have thought?..thanks Dale (Hic)  A key feature of walkabout was the instantaneous hot water service Paul Mac had installed. If good looks alone produced hot water we would all have been showering in it. We'll all be waiting with soap and towels at Easter!

    Sunday afternoon saw a few bargain shoppers head into Mooroopna to visit the SPC Ardmona factory store. At the same time an excursion ventured to the Balaclava mine at Whroo south of Rushworth. The Menzies Hotel in Melbourne is one of the many landmarks resulting from the gold extracted from the mine. The cemetery and Aboriginal water hole were additional items of interest. The trek to the old paddling machine and cyanide vats took a wrong turn when neither of the Daves or Emily could figure out which way was up. (Yes one Dave is a Geographer!). Luckily the Mighty Volvo was able to show the Subaru Forrester how to traverse  culverts, former bogs, fallen saplings and various other hazards to ultimately return to civilized road construction.

Special Thanks: To Robert for acting as stand in host when I had to pop into Shepparton for a prior engagement on Friday night. Imagine my delight when I returned at midnight to find all around the fire having completed their setups along the river.

David Pederick and Sue Leavold


attendees  In Approximate order of arrival:-

Robert  - CUB Camperoo

David, Sue & Alana - Pedders X Trail

Dr Dave - CUB Supamatic LX

Dale, Karen Emily, Nick & Jeremy - Dingo

Paul  & Annie Pioneer Onyx

Mike & Shez – Ultimate

Paul & Leanne – Ultimate

Doug, Jeannie & Liam - Ultimate

Mathew & Jill – Tent

Ray and Liz – Tvan (New Member)

David & Sue – Hard Floor – anon

Lindsay & Sandra - Sunwagon

Peter – Errey l'escargot (New Member)

Andrew Simone & Joel – Leeden Trailer & Tent

Gary – Outback Camper – Newell (New Member)














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