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what's on the camper trailer scene 


new from drifta

Drifta Camping & Trailer Kitchens at Gloucester NSW have a new updated range of draws & kitchens to suit your camper trailer. I must say the new kitchens look first class finished in stainless steel while the draws are all lined with a thin marine carpet.

panty box

These are the new pantry box, great for swing out kitchens where you need somewhere to put food or kitchen gear. The pantry box is around $590.

storage box with drawers

This is the new Drifta storage box with drawers in a stainless finish. They work great for with the steel tailgate kitchens as you can use the front as a pantry and the rear as storage.

drifta swing out budget

This is the new DSOB - Drifta Swing Out Budget in a stainless finish. These retail at around $550.

drifta front storage drawer

This is the new DFSD - Drifta Front Storage Drawer with a black finish & stainless steel.

drifta pull out kitchen

Drifta's new DPO - Drifta Pull Out Kitchen in a black finish & stainless steel.

For more information please contact Drifta http://www.drifta.com.au


Information from Luke Sutton



march 2012