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soundproof generator box





soundproof generator box

portable soundproof box for the generator


   The Honda generator is one of the quieter ones available but to feel comfortable using it freely in a variety of places, I wanted to try and come up with a box that it could run in while not getting any hotter than if it were in open air.


This is how it ended up looking


It has a 240 volt socket and 3 x 240 volt fans to provide cooling air pressure to the box


Inside the fans look like this


Insulation is foil lined and available from Whitworths 


The Honda sits up against the soundproof material at the exhaust end so the warm exhaust gases so not mix with the cooling air.


It now runs as cool as in open air but MUCH quieter


The exhaust end looks like this

With my 30amp charger it only needs to run about 60 minutes per day to supply us with the power we currently use.


In extreme hot weather John recommends that the generator be run for 30 minute durations only to avoid overheating of the generator

Thanks to John Needs for this article

 august 2007