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Newcastle to Brisbane via the back roads

touring the back roads
from newcastle to brisbane
by Rob

We could not have asked for better weather conditions when we arrived at Wivenhoe Dam mid afternoon with not a breath of wind & a tropical twenty-eight degrees. The dam is across the Brisbane River & one of the major water supplies for Brisbane, as well as flood mitigation control & hydroelectricity.

What else could we do but set up our chairs & enjoy the beautiful weather & scenery, while watching the sun set across the water. We were lucky enough to see several lungfish with their mouths out of the water taking a breath in the calm conditions.

like a sheet of glass view from the camper no wind
glorious afternoon
setting sun after glow kangaroo
sunny afternoon reflections moon across the water
  sun across the water  
whistling kite darter pelican
pelican black duck darter

Next morning we drove to the Atkinsons Dam Scout Camp where Lindsay & Robyn was hosting an Australian CamperTrailers members weekend get together. For the next four days we were treated to magnificent sunrises & sunsets, patterned clouds, many birds & great conversation around the campfire.

afternoon glow
cloud patterns cloud patterns sunset around the field
cloud patterns sunset sunrise
sunset halo around the moon rainbow over the camper
sunset over Atkinsons Dam
Whistling Kite Whistling Kite Pied Butcherbird
Masked Lapwings Black-winged Stilt Whistling Kite
Whistling Kite Whistling Kites Australian Kestrel